Direct Vision System: 
Macroscopic visualisation of biological material by dark blue colour.
One step staining of free and cell-bound protein

  • Simple – easy handling, fast reaction
  • Sure – non toxic solution, stable colour
  • Exact – dark colour, no background, no interaction
  • Specific – only proteins, pattern inside cells
  • Low costs – one reagent, easy sample preparation

This DVS system is simple, sure and fast.
A visualization of proteins in any sample is achieved by simple addition of redprot® solution:
aeromedi These method can be applied
- in liquids of every watery kind like extracts from biological material, e.g. beer and in body fluids like urine or blood. From the colour development the presence of proteins can be easily depicted.

- on surfaces like glass, metal but also membranes and fabrics the redprot® reaction act as well.

Due to the fixating effect of the solution the proteins remain where they are.
The striking advantage of redprot® use is that its reaction is
- hardly effected by contaminations and that its colour development is
- linear with a broad range of protein amount.

For Details see >> redprot® Properties
Bacteria and yeasts are rapidly stained and fixed with redprot® solution.

The application of redprot® is comaparable to the detection of free proteins:
- It can be used in different liquids, and
- on surfaces of various materials
Baker yeast aeromedi
Lactobacillus and yeast cells aeromedi
Bacteria in soil sample aeromedi
Bacteria in food sample aeromedi
An additional feature of redprot® enforces its application with e.g. yeast: the dye accumulates in living cells. Even in the protein containing matrix of a brewing fluid the cells are immediately stained, while the free protein remains faint, because of the initial dispersion of the dye. With time the free proteins are cross linked by the dye and become apparent.
All kind of small organisms like mites, amoebae, insect larvae etc. are marked by redprot®.

This is a very powerful tool to evaluate e.g. environmental or food samples for contaminations, probably relevant in parasitic disease or in allergy
Parametium aeromedi
Helminth capsule aeromedi
Insect egg aeromedi
Ascaris worm aeromedi
Annelide worm aeromedi
Dust mite aeromedi

Application: Proof of biological contamination by free proteins or bacteria in e.g. hygiene

  • Medicine
  • Food industry
  • Biochemistry
  • Domestic Application
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